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Buy Pebbleman - Life Inside A Dream Now


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Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor LiveVery few musicians ever attain the level of musicianship which allows them to honestly say that they make a living playing their chosen instrument. Richard Pryor however is one such person. Known as Pebbleman to many of his fans, he is probably the number one Blues Rock guitarist in South Africa today. Now endorsed by Fender and one of only 3 in the Country he is a real force to be reckoned with. With over 26 years of frenzied fretboard fiddling experience Travelling all over the country, an International tour to Europe with Boulevard Blues in 2010 and with nearly 2000 live gigs firmly tucked away in his tool kit, Richard is a five-fingered fret feast to be reckoned with.

Checkout where Richard has been playing over the last years. The list is impressive. - Click here.

Currently the guitarist for Boulevard Blues www.boulevardblues.co.za he has been fine tuning his blues skills with high octane rock induced solos and a great passion for setting the blues world on fire. He also started the Pebbleman Project 5 years ago which has 2 highly acclaimed CD releases 'The Red Stone Album' and 'The Book' Look out for the 3rd album which is going to be released later this year titled 'New Blues'

Richard also studied at UCT College of Music where he attained a Performance Diploma in Jazz Studies in 1993.

Richard is also a Guitar Teacher of note and has been teaching for nearly 20years From humble beginnings his tuition has grown into a real business and a passion. The information and resource material that he has created and collected over the years is huge and this allows him to customize lessons for individuals from beginners to advanced, from young to old, from Blues to Metal and everything in between. Checkout his Tuition Page for more info.

As well as teaching Richard does part-time session work and can be heard on numerous artists CDs from Afrikaans originals to Rock Dop Skiet and Pop Recordings. Richard grew up on good old fashioned hard rock and metal like Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and a healthy dose of Van Halen. Some of his early Guitar influences where Eddie van Halen, Al di Meola, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ingwe Malmsteen, Joe Satriani and Gary Moore More recently Joe Bonamassa along with Guthrie Govan have become some of his Favourite and most inspiring guitar players. With an interesting mix of Blues, Rock, Metal and Jazz guitar techniques he will keep you guessing until the final pinched harmonic squeals into glorious feedback.

Watch Him at your own risk!!!!!!!!